Love Bug Eraser

RV Roof Cleaning

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Instead of needing a stiff bristle brush on a pole, a hand brush, Magic Erasers, and expensive chemicals the Love bug Eraser ® RV Roof Cleaning Kit is all you need to clean your roof for years & years & years.

We have developed an environmentally safe product to improve the effectiveness and lessen the cost and effort of RV roof cleaning, similar to how the Love Bug Eraser ® makes an easy job of bug removal. It easily cleans rubber, vinyl, ​composite or fiberglass roofs and, what makes it unique is that it is safe for plastic skylights, gaskets, satellite dishes and A/C units, making it the only product you need. The detailers at our 3 local Camping World Stores are using it now.

The Love Bug Eraser ® RV Roof Cleaning pad is more effective and does a better job of cleaning than a brush, and is reusable over & over again. It can also help remove oxidation from fiberglass roofs.

Mold and mildew that have been allowed to form heavy deposits may need a small amount of the product you currently use now to remove same, but ​in the future will be removed with the pad with regular roof maintenance.

Our kit comes with pads to clean the roof and pads to clean the sides of the vehicle so you completely wash the RV while you are clearing the debris from the roof off the sides, killing 2 birds with one stone.


  • Our pads are 8 to 10 times more effective than a brush and last longer
  • Easily clean rubber, vinyl, fiberglass, & composite roofs – safe for all gasket materials
  • Helps remove oxidation
  • Increase the efficiency of any cleaning product so you use less product to clean with. The pads are so efficient you only need one-third to one-half of the product you are currently using to clean.
  • Use with soap & water or for heavily soiled surfaces use our pads with your favorite cleaner
  • Regular quarterly maintenance allows you to clean with soap & water for future cleanings
  • Just rinse with soap & water and reuse over & over again. Though the pads may look soiled they will clean as well as the first time you used them.
  • Strong, durable, yet gentle on your RV or trailer


      Love Bug Eraser ® Roof cleaning Kit consists of:  
      Love Bug Eraser Roof cleaning Kit(click to enlarge)
      3 - 12" X 6" X 1" thick reusable roof cleaning pads  
      1 - 11" X 5" roof pad holder - fits any pole with a threaded end, use with either white or blue pads, ideal for roofs of slide outs, durable, made in the USA.  
      4 – 9 1/2" X 6" Green Pads - use to clean front, back, and sides of RV or Trailer, safe for paint, clear coat, graphics, plastics, glass, metal, etc., removes, dirt, grime, bugs, black streaks, roof cleaning run off, etc., with only soap & water  
      Blue Pads for RV body cleaning(click to enlarge)
      RV Roof Cleaning Pads(click to enlarge)
      RV Roof Cleaning Pads(click to enlarge)
      4 – 6" X 4" X 1" Hand Pads - Hand Pads for cleaning A/C units, satellite dishes, roof vents, skylights, gaskets, etc., Last 30 to 50 times longer than Magic Erasers yet clean just as well, Cleans oxidation off surfaces
      1 - Hand Pad Holder - attaches to hand pad for "hands dry" cleaning
      Increases your scrubbing power!
      1 – Sturdy storage bag

      BOSS RV Roof Cleaning Kit
      Price: $39.95
      S & H: $10.55

      Love Bug Super Value Roof Cleaning Kit

      Contains all of the above plus a 12" wide Silicone Blade Squeegee that you can use by hand or it attaches to any pole with a threaded end to dry high or hard to reach areas and a 3 Pack of Love Bug Erasers ® for easy bug removal from the front of your car, truck, RV, or trailer.

      Price: $49.95
      S & H: $14.00


      Green Pads for RV body cleaning

      4 Pads - $21.00
      S & H: $3.29

      Blue Pads for RV body Cleaning(click to enlarge)

      RV Roof Cleaning Pads (blue holder included)

      3 Pads - $15.00
      S & H: $5.70


      Hand Pads

      Hand pads are the roof cleaning pads cut into 4" X 6" pieces. You can cut these with a scissor yourself. (See RV Roof Cleaning Pads above)

      Roof Pad Holder

      S & H: $5.70